Hey there~

Jennifer here. I have been having the best time in Asheville, NC and I wanted to share my experiences with you all. Firstly, If you have never been to Asheville, get out your calendars now and plan a weekend get-a-way. This majestic city nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains is like none I have seen before. We were very lucky to find a small studio loft apartment in the heart of downtown overlooking Walnut Street and we could even bring our dog (which seemed to be a common place in Asheville). Not to get off topic but how I found unique places to stay before dogfriendly.com I do not know but our pup Brody is like our child and if there is the opportunity to bring him along then he is right at our sides. From the view of our little place the downtown seemed so alive you could almost feel its pulse. The art and culture seeps out of the old buildings and local shops and comes to life in the street preformers serenading passerbys with bluegrass and folk music while diners enjoy organic farm to table meals. When you go, be sure to go to Tupelo Honey Cafe. I blissfully enjoyed a steaming mug of tomato soup and a homemade grilled pimiento cheese sandwich. Need I say more? There is nothing like fresh wholesome foods made by someone who seemingly loves the culinary arts. I was quite inspired and can’t wait to get back in my kitchen and start baking.

Wherever you may stay in Asheville, be sure to visit the Grove Park Inn. We were able to go there for a dinner gala and i was completely jaw droppingly awe struck upon entering this beautiful resort that, in no exaggeration sits on the side of a mountain. Not only were there several 30 foot, fully adorned Christmas trees but the fireplaces… oh the magnificent, heart warming, roaring fireplaces. I could have sat in front of them for days and never moved. But then I would have never been able to share what may have been my most exciting part of the trip…

You see, right below our little loft was what seemed to be a quaint antique shop and one of my most favorite things to do is to go treasure hunting at antique/thrift stores. For some reason I find that reviving an old relic and giving it a new life and purpose whether in our store or a design project is so rewarding. In fact, like most trips I go on, I already had my treasure hunting agenda planned and mapped out but this little old sign kept grabbing me and had my interest piqued. On my way out the door to hit the antique markets I decided to run in to this “little” shop. To my surprise my days agenda immediately changed once i walked in the doors of Lexington Park Antiques…For what I thought was going to be a tiny hole in the wall turned out to be a 27,000 square foot pickers’ dream. There had to be over a hundred different “booths” with treasures ranging from sterling silver estate pieces to old records and everything in between. Once I regained my composure and pushed up my sleeves I was a lost cause completely devouring the history wrapped up in the artifacts. I do want to note: if you do not enjoy getting a bit dirty and digging through old bookshelves then this might not be the place for you but to me that is half of the fun because in the end you feel like you have earned the right to these treasures. I get some sort of high in finding things that I know still deserve to be in there original glory that would otherwise go forgotten. This all may sound a little foolish to anyone else but then again maybe thats why life has put me in a position to be able to do this for living. I surely feel blessed to do so. You will have to come in to Coastal Fog to see all of the treasures from this hunt but I will give yall a little sneak preview…. and until next time happy hunting šŸ˜‰