Jennifer here. I am sharing one of my favorite homemade Christmas ornament tutorials. This is the time capsule ornament. We have all been on family vacations or have special events or memories that fill our hearts with warmth when we recollect on them. What better way to preserve and honor these memories than in time capsule ornaments that can go on your Christmas tree every year.

All you need is:

clear ball ornaments that you can get at the craft store, dollar store, or anywhere else with holiday decorations. (the bigger the opening on the top the better)

~keepsakes from special trips, events, notes, etc (see examples for ideas).

~paint pen or tag to write the date and the memory on the ornament

~ ribbon for top (optional)

1. carefully (if glass) remove the metal top from the ornament ball 

2. fill with your own soveneirs and keepsakes

3. carefully put top back on

4. either use a paint pen to write directly on the ornament or tie on little tags with the date and memory inside

5. tie ribbon to top for hanging

Here are some examples and ideas: ( Marty’s and my creations)

ornament santa

Christmas list time capsule- Every year put in your children’s christmas list to Santa and some of their small toys like crayons, legos, etc. As the years pass you can look back at the memories from Christmases over the years.








ornament beach


Memories from a Beach trip- Fill with sand, shells, driftwood, seaglass, and such to remember special family beach trips. And of course it doesn’t have to be the beach.. Any trip that you want to remember would work!








ornament date night


Romantic memories- This eaxmple is dried roses from when my fiance, Evan, proposed to me. We also put in the cork from the wine we drank that night. It means so much to me to have these memories from that special day. You could also put in love notes or other reminders of the romantic occasion.






ornament lures

Fishing memories- This ornament was made for Evan. His grandfather was very special to him growing up and although he is no longer with us, Evan is still inspired by him everyday. One of his favorite memories is fishing with “Papaw.” The lures and such are no longer used but kept for remembering those wonderful times. I put a few of them in a time capsule ornament to catalogue these memories and to think of Papaw being with us at Christmas time.







ornament pinecones

This time capsule is from a trip to Arlington Cemetary where we visited my grandfather’s gravesite. A tree spread overhead that was dropping these teeny tiny pinecones. This was sentimental for me and I wanted to remember those feelings so I put them in this ornament. The “snow” is just a bit of epsom salt.





As you can see the ideas are limitless. Just think of things that are special to you and your family. These would make great gifts to give to those who were also touched by that memory.

**Remember to date and title your time capsule ornaments so thay can be remembered anf cherished for many years to come!

Have fun 🙂