This weekend has been a wonderful time of sunshine and fresh air. It is really awesome that Jenn + Evan and Rocky + I live next door to each other. We share yard and gardening tools, garden items, seedlings, planting tips, and many laughs as we get dirtier and dirtier. We four (plus Crew, Brody, Brumby and Stetson ) spent the whole weekend outside.


Jenn + Evan spent the whole weekend in their yard sprucing up the curb appeal and prepping for their garden. The amount of sweat and tears that went into it should let you know that they meant business! Evan kept finding GIANT earthworms under these tree rounds and I would put them in our garden.  Look at the BEFORE and AFTER pictures below. IMG_7630




In our yard, we tilled our way overgrown garden from last season and planted some new items. This summer we have multiple kinds of tomatoes, peppers, red and green cabbage, onions and carrots. Jenn taught us how to do potato towers which are incredible! I can not wait to have these start producing. If you GOOGLE “potato tower” you will know what I am talking about. Crew romped around the yard and spent time observing. It was amazing how Brumby stayed by his side the whole time! We will post more photos as we make progress in both yards/gardens!IMG_7624 IMG_7623 IMG_7621