Hey there

It has certainly been awhile! I had to take a breather from writing so that I could focus on some really big projects at work and wrap my head around Rocky matching in Greenville for his Residency at Vidant.  A lot has happened in the meantime!

Crew is now 17 mos and going a million miles a minute. Rocky is working crazy hours at the hospital but is finally an MD. Certainly am proud of him. He is counting down the days until he starts his dermatology portion of residency which starts in June. 

Just this last weekend we had to put our beloved dog and “first born” Stetson to sleep. He would have been 9 in Dec but cancer took him down fast. We only had three days to prepare for his departure. It has been so awful feeling the void where his love and energy always has been. Rocky and I got him together when we were young and foolish and had only just started dating. For heavens sake, Rocky was still living in the dorm when he purchased Stetson! We had a “verbal agreement” that I would keep Stetson at my house but he was responsible for all expenses. I am still laughing at how formal I made it. I knew that Rocky and I were roped together through this new puppy (and secretly was so happy about it). Of course I had to put on that strong and responsible front though. Stetson has seen us through dating, engagement, moving houses, 4 educational degrees, starting a business, marriage, a new puppy, the loss of Rocky’s mother, my dad making in through cancer, a baby and Rocky starting his first job as a physician. It is amazing how many stories that dog could tell. As a puppy he used to sit on my lap in the basement of the house I shared with roommates and keep me company when I would be up at the wee hours of the morning working on an interior design project for school. When I was too overwhelmed with school to spend time with them, Stetson would keep Rocky company throwing and retrieving in the backyard of our Maple St. house. Stetson taught us how to be a family. We will miss that dog for the rest of my life. The last two pictures are the day before we had to put him to sleep. 









Crew is my little sidekick through most things now. Here he is heading into Lowes with Bunny (my mom). Image

We have had some very exciting new things going on at the shop. Jenn, Marty, Julie, and Corrie are all working like crazy teaching DIY classes and running the store. Check out the class calendar and see what has been going on. http://www.ShopCoastalFog.com

Be back soon!