August ~ that special time of year where I feel like I have one foot in the summer garden and the other in doorway to autumn.  Come August I start to see things differently. There is an autumnal spin on all of my thoughts. I saw this image on Pinterest and it sparked the autumn feeling. 

Yesterday we cleaned out the spent plants that aren’t producing any more veggies. The zucchini and cucumbers just were exhausted from the heat. We are going to prep the beds for fall seeds such as broccoli, spinach, kale, beets and so on. 

I have been painting almost everyday this past month. Its something that I am pursuing as a full time focus. I hope to have an art show at the end of the year or beginning of 2015. 

 IMG_9412 IMG_9528


I am on the homestretch now with my last trimester. At the beginning of November we are planning to welcome another little boy! Crew is eager to be a big brother he says. Its been a wonderful pregnancy and I am so excited for the near future.

Stay in touch! We have new displays at Coastal Fog as well as newly refinished antiques and vintage pieces. Expect some great things from us this Fall! 



Crew helping me pick out plants at our local nursery