Birmingham has a vibrant cultural scene – this weekend in the Avondale historic district downtown, the Avondale brewery and surrounding restaurants celebrated a Brewfest with seasonal brew samples and live music. We did not get in the thick of the Brewfest- what with three kids and all. So, we enjoyed lunch at the partnering Avondale Common House. Beautiful and delicious modern southern food is what we received. 

Our place is directly across from the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. This has been the biggest blessing– the most beautiful meandering paths and wide open green spaces. Water features abound creating the acoustics of a sanctuary. This is where I set up almost daily to work on client digital design presentations and to have design meetings with FaceTime. In fact, I worked on major Coastal Fog store displays via FaceTime from the botanical gardens yesterday. What an inspiring environment!

We at Coastal Fog just got back from Atlanta market where we placed some of the most exciting orders in our retail history. A new collection of French candles for the kitchen have arrived and are display now at CF. 

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that one of my favorite artisan producers of concrete furniture, garden  and decorative accessories is based right here in Birmingham. Elegant Earth has always been swoon worthy. I realized that they started their business in a small shop in the village just up the street from us. They grew to a point of relocating— downtown they went into a historic automobile factory that was slated to be torn down. Read about them http://www.ElegantEarth.com. Some of their pieces are heading to CF soon. Pretty neat to think that right around the corner from us here in Birmingham, items are being created to head to CF.  This is a picture of Elegant Earth. 

I am staying inspired and will continue to send it your way. Thank you all for being wonderful to us.