Nothing stays in one place for long at Coastal Fog. We are always moving and rearranging to bring in new product, culinary introductions, displays and inspirations. 

Colors, textures and vibes of items show a french home inspiration found at Coastal Fog 

The Market test kitchen is working on a new breakfast introduction. 

Featured baked goods at The Market are the lemon poppyseed cupcakes. They are so crisp and refreshing for any special treat or event. 

New arrivals are out on display at Coastal Fog  

It takes a team of elves to help behind the scenes. Here is Evan hanging the new sign that Jenn made at the CF Studio. 

Bob helps keep our over flowing cardboard situation at bay. His time and his truck are a regularly reoccurring blessing. Adam occasionally makes it “two men and a truck” 😋 

Stay tuned ! More updates coming soon