Its Friday! The start to the Labor Day weekend. I started the day with taking Rocky to work at 7 and making my way back to our little abode. I took Stetson, Brumby, and Crew to the “Horse Trot” which is the dog park and open field directly behind our place. I kid you not, there was a man with two dogs identical to Stetson and Brumby in color and even in age, respectively. They ran and ran and splashed in all of the puddles left over from the crazy amounts of rain we’ve been having. Happy dogs, happy me.

So after I brought the dogs back home, Crew and I went out to explore. Just up from our house is an old family owned grocery store call Burbages. I stopped in to pick up a homemade lunch, and then Crew and I went to the battery. It has been a great place for me to spread out a blanket and get some work done. I spent most of the day laying there with Crew picking out light fixtures for a residential project I am working on back in little Washington. It was great to be productive on a project all the way here in Charleston.

The most wonderful aspect to the battery or White Point gardens are the centuries old live oak trees. They stand there so solidly but also gracefully bend with the breeze. Sitting under their huge branches, you can see what vital role they play. They keep this huge area completely shaded so that animals and people alike can sit in the cool air. They show the signs of age through their curled and contorted branches that have rough, wrinkled bark. They are treasures of Charleston as much as the historic architecture.

We went out to dinner again tonight. Boy oh boy we must like taking a beating. This will be the last restaurant experience with a 4 month old for awhile. But crying baby aside, we had a wonderful meal at Poogans Porch on Queen st. We sat on the porch of this historic house and enjoyed the cool southern breeze that came over us. Honestly, it felt like we were sitting on a family porch enjoying an intimate meal. Rocky got a Chipotle glazed BBQ pork rib over creamed sweat potatoes and roasted cauliflower. WOW it was amazing! The pork fell off of the bone and the sweet potatoes were obviously fresh out of the garden. I had a trio of appetizers with a she crab soup drizzled with garlic infused olive oil and fresh green onions. Next dish was fried green tomatoes with a pecan rolled goat cheese and a beet relish. Final dish was heirloom tomato salad with garden lettuce, and a balsamic reduction. I was in tomato heaven. To top it off, they served fresh homemade southern biscuits and a home churned honey butter. The biscuits were as good as the ones my grandmother Sharlie makes. That my friend, is saying something.

It was another magical day for me as I explored a new place. I can’t wait for tomorrow!